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Our Story

Starting at the rooftop of World Trade Center Jakarta and expanding to the scenic Bali island, WEFITNESS is a strength training gym that provides a holistic approach to improve your overall physical strength, mobility & muscle development.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fitness, thus our program is designed to fit different needs & abilities. At WEFITNESS our certified coaches will get to know your training history and focus on fixing your techniques & form on top of motivating you through it all.

We believe there's #NOSHORTCUT to be strong & healthy. Whenever you're ready, talk to us to discuss your goals & we'll do the rest.

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"A year from now, you may

wish you had started today"

- Karen Lamb​

Our Services

Experience our tried & proven strength program in group classes that's fit for all fitness levels, or get a personalized workout plan from certified coaches with 1-on-1 personal training

If you're a competitive obstacle racer, visit our open gym facilities that include various obstacle courses perfect for those who want to maintain speed, agility & quickness. We also provide a Rehab & Recovery Centre to help athletes remain at their best. 

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Our Packages

Choose from 2 available membership packages:

Unlimited Membership or Open Gym Membership.


Unlimited membership allows you to join any class as often as you want to. You'll also be able to use our equipments to train by yourself on days you can't come to class.


Open Gym membership is suitable for you who are more advanced or have built your own training plan. With this, you can train on your own any time of the day.

WEFITNESS membership comes with various perks -

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"Great place to workout at! Located right next to a rice paddy field, Wefitness Bali is spacious and has great air circulation. The coaches are friendly and professional, and every staff member is helpful and kind :)

They have a good range of equipment and the prices are reasonable. Check them out!"

—  Joanna Shaddai, via GoogleMaps